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Dartmoor Border Morris formed in September 2001 in Meavy, Yelverton. Contrary to belief , Morris Dancing is not all about waving hankies! Dartmoor Border are a border side, meaning we dance with sticks, and, (unlike some traditional sides) we are men, women and children.

Our costume consists of a tattered jacket, black trousers, and shoes/boots, a Dartmoor Border t-shirt/jumper and a hat. The tatters are a multitude of colours, depicting the green on the moorland grass, the brown and grey of the tor's, purple of the heather and the blue of the ever-blue sky: the bells on our knees bear coloured ribbons to match the jackets...well, mostly!

Like most Morris Sides, we have a beast amongst us. Ours is a highly strung Dartmoor Pony named Chatterley. This troublesome hobby horse can be seen perusing the lines of dancers and mingling with the audience; he also stars in our annual Mummers Play which takes place at Buckland Abbey during the Christmas period.

Our Mummers Play has become increasingly popular with audience watching both performances at Buckland Abbey, and the Boxing Day performance at a local pub. Mummers plays depict Good versus evil, so, in-keeping with local tradition, our play is the story of Sir Frances Drake versus the King of Spain...with a doctor, fool, a bit of winter royalty.